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Wedding Rehearsal Boredom

So, there I was, drinking off my boredom, at a big table with many unknown old relatives. How did I end up there? Well, my cousin was getting married and that night she was having the wedding rehearsal – yes, that’s a thing. Honestly, I wouldn’t have come, but because I would not be able to get to the actual wedding, the ‘family committee’ decided I should at least attend the wedding rehearsal. So, there I was, doing my job as a relative to my cousin I’ve seen twice in my life.

But there was a good part, though. There was this pretty lady across the table that seemed to be giving me some signals. She kept biting her lips and she even licked her finger while looking straight into my eyes. At some point, I actually felt her touching my leg with her foot, under the table. Was I going crazy?

Excuse me, do I know you?”, I had to say something.

“Do I look familiar?”

I was pretty sure I haven’t seen her in my life and at that point I really hoped she was not family. She definitely touched my leg. “No, actually, you don’t”

She put her finger across her lips, as if she was asking me to keep silent. “Why don’t you grab a couple of drinks and meet me outside in 10 minutes?” And then she left the table.

To be honest, I was kind of intrigued. Who was that woman? And why nobody else seemed to notice her? I watched her as she walked out and then I went to the bar and drank a shot. I was at a party after all, even if it was just a rehearsal, so why not make the best of it!

I grabbed some drinks and went outside to look for her. She was smoking a cigarette. Everything about her was so alluring…

She leaned on very closely and took one of the glasses from my hand. “Don’t worry, we’re not related. I’m just the wedding planner’s assistant. I have to stick around, but really, there’s not much for me to do”.

The way she talked, the way she looked at me, the way she moved…I was feeling completely puzzled. She was a hunter and it felt strange because, usually, I’m the one who makes the first move.

“I’m really glad you said that.”

“I know” she said. “Come with me. I want to tell you a secret, but this is not a good place”.

She took my hand and led me through a back door, inside some sort of a storage room. I was really starting to question my sense of reality at that point.

“You know, I have a problem…” she whispered as she was getting closer and closer to me “…I like men…” she started to unbutton my shirt “…a lot…” then she put my finger in her mouth…

I put my hand around her waist…and lower…and turned off the lights…what a rehearsal party…

Her name was Gigi

Let me tell you fully about this sweet, beautiful creature I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with. Her name is Gigi, and we had one hell of a ramp the other night. I met her in the usual manner. Online, exchanging messages to one another. She told me all sorts of sweet things, I replied in kind, and we set a date together to meet up sometime after my work for the evening concluded. I figured why not, a man like me deserves a bit of a break, so I couldn't wait for the weekend. The closer it came, the more excited I got.

When I went to meet Gigi, it was the sweetest thing. Her bright eyes were the first thing I noticed, secondly with her smile, so soft and inviting. From there? Well, how could I ignore her body? So tall, and slender she was and exotic in appearance. with long beautiful hair, ample sized breasts that easily fit into my hands, and a wide plush rear that deserved to be petted. Well, that and perhaps a light spank as well.

Still, she led me into the hotel room where we had a chance to talk to one another face to face. But it wasn't long before we ended up doing the things we knew we'd be doing that weekend, and doing the things we talked to one another about. She sat me on the edge of the bed, kissing one another. My lips pressed up against her soft, plush lips, Kissing her deeply and passionately before she pulled back from me and helped to undo my pants. Letting them slide down to my ankles as I quickly pulled off my shirt to let her wrap those soft lips around the throbbing shaft of my hard erection. I was in ecstasy, to say the least, and I couldn't control myself too much as I brushed my fingers through her soft hair and pulled hard, guiding her up and down along the length of my dick and let her suckle me to her heart's content before I finished off in a nice surprise for her.

She giggled at me and looked up at me with those soft doe eyes of her, and I knew then I wasn't dreaming anymore. It was a haze of sexual desire as she told me to lean back and let her do all the work since I deserved oh so much to relax from all the work I was doing. She then climbed on top, turning around so I'd get a good view of that gorgeous butt of hers. Reaching my hands down to massage, caress, and pet her gently as she rode me hard in reverse cowgirl. Pushing down hard against me as I pushed up as deep as I could reach inside of her with how hard she continued to keep me. Our voices building to a loud crescendo as our passion and lust echoed off the walls loudly before we both finished in an explosive orgasm, deep within her as I held on.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful evening with Gigi. I have to say, if you love beautiful women with gorgeous proportions, and a sense of ease and passion, Gigi is the one person to help you with that. I know I'll be hopefully seeing more of her as time goes on.

* These stories are written for entertainment purposes only.