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Right off the bat, FLING starts lying to you. They claim 69,388 members in Minnetonka, Minnesota- a moderately-sized suburb west of Minneapolis. The entire population of Minnetonka in 2010 was only 49,734 people! In the last 7 years, those folks must have had a lot of kids, imported boatloads of refugees, then signed up absolutely everyone on FLING. What a thoroughly depraved community out there! Well, forging ahead...

My Initial Reaction to the new Fling

I signed up quickly, despite the warnings that the communication was not through a secure channel- apparently an advisory from some program monitoring the entry dialog. Once I was accepted (big surprise) I was presented with a splash screen boasting that FLING was awarded Best Dating Website by AVN (Adult Video Network). Ho-hum. However, there were no cues - or clues - as to what my options were to proceed further on the site- just a large graphic of the AVN award dominating the screen, plus a rolling strip at the top of thumbnail closeup photos of assorted females and some assorted body parts. Above that was the subtle display of a small graphic encouraging me to Upgrade Now. It was unlikely that I would do that so soon, having seen nothing of what they actually had to offer. Scrolling down a bit got me a list of their claims to integrity, but little of use in my hunt for an available hookup.

Getting Rolling

Once I clicked at random on one of the thumbnails, I was treated to an enlarged thumbnail of CoolTiffanyKIK, helpfully identified as 28 years old- and a WOMAN, in case I had any questions about her gender. I hadn't, since there was little doubt in my mind concerning her image. Of course the site had paid no attention to my choice of thumbnails, giving me a brunette when I had clicked on a blonde. Furthermore, my request for women exclusively in the range of 40 to 55 was completely ignored.

Along with CoolTiffany's photo were two advisories: Contact her, and Upgrade Now. I then expected that, as is customary on such sites, I would be given minimal information about her, but no direct access unless I upgraded. On the right of the screen were the options relating to the various lengths of membership and the cost for each. All of these were GOLD Memberships. No other options were offered (at this point anyway) such as a Diamond, Platinum, Titanium, Brass, Zinc, Pewter, Wood or Plastic membership. The minimal gold membership was a 2-day option for the nearly irresistable price of 99 cents. But, I resisted.

Get something for nothing?

Playing the role of a cheapskate, I thought I'd see what I could get for nothing, just by browsing around the site without actually joining. Scrolling down a bit, I got a video, already playing, of a pleasant looking, comfortably dressed girl in a moderately revealing sweater, but nothing that would shock your Aunt Tillie. Since the young lady appeared about to speak to me, I felt it was only fair to her that I turn on the sound- so I did. No sound issued forth, and no captions. Nothing even for a skilled lipreader. The young lady (I gave her the benefit of the doubt with the "lady" part.) then reached behind herself with her right hand and seemed to pull something out of her butt. Then the object, which appeared to be some sort of credit card, was switched by slight of hand (but below the screen view) and then held in her left hand as she lifted it and displayed it to the viewer. She seemed to study her side of the card, her lips moved slightly as if responding somehow to what she read on the card she was holding, then she blew a kiss to the screen, smiled- and that was the end of the video. I had derived absolutely nothing of any use or value from the 15 seconds or so that the video had played.

Moving on in the hope that I could continue my exploration into the tantalizing , but extremely skimpy, opportunities offered by this website, I clicked on the ubiquitous CONTINUE button. And there, as they say, "without further ado," was the form for me to fill out to reveal to this already-advised-as-insecure channel, all my credit card information for all the world to see. No thank you.

A little weak

This was unquestionably the weakest approach I have ever encountered in the attempt to persuade a testosterone-imbued male to part with a few bucks to hook up with an assortment of allegedly attractive, and undoubtedly willing, women for a romantic interlude. (Perhaps even an ongoing series of erotic engagements.) There was nothing at all erotic about the young woman (a true lady doesn't pull things out of her ass, does she?), nor was there anything displayed on the screen as enticement that would persuade me to sign up for the 2-day sampling experience. Also that "insecure" notice should make anyone nervous about entering any personal data.

My experience with the FLING site forces me to give it a minus 2 on a scale of zero to ten. It appears to be both a dud- and dangerous.

Overall Rating

I give Fling a -2/10