Top Sexting Sites - Milfplay Review

MilfPlay Review

In you're like me, then you are a fan of MILFs. Women that know what they're doing in the bedroom and are oozing with confidence turn me on like no other. I hadn't heard of MilfPlay until fairly recently when a friend mentioned I should check it out and write about it. He was excited because it was the first adult dating site he ever tried where he actually met real women. I tried to convince him there are some good ones out there, but to each their own.

My First Impression of MilfPlay

Whenever you go to one of these sites, they're always testing new girls in pictures so you probably won't see the same woman I saw but she was total knockout with just a touch of accessibility about her. Really hot, but I still thought I might have a chance in the real world. She was showing off this nice big butt of hers, and I was certainly intrigued.

Logging In

Just like any dating or hookup site, MilfPlay asks you a few questions about yourself and for your email. I give them a password and boom! I'm in. Once in, they ask a few questions about the members I want to see (hair color, do they have a photo, are they near me, etc) and then they send me to a discreet billing page. I don't love that they do that, but I just bypassed to the "search members" area from the navigation bar above.

They do something fairly unique in that they ask which members I think are hot. It's a fun way to see hot women and give them some more info about who I'm looking for.

Hot MILFs on the site?

I was immediately turned on by some of the profiles. In particular this girl "berry67sexu" who was about 20 miles away and wasn't afraid to show skin. I wasn't able to contact her directly without a membership, so at first I sent her a wink. Fast forward a couple hours and couple beers in and I'm signing up for a trial.

Like a lot of other trials I had signed up for in the past, the girls weren't the same as the girls I had originally seen. I was willing to forgive this as I understand now that it's the nature of the online adult dating game. I did end up seeing a girl on the site that was a little more attainable and looked like a real profile. Not at hot as berry67, but she had a nice big butt which I like, so I messaged her.

I Met a Wild Woman

Her screen name was PattyBooty84, but here name was Patricia. We started chatting online and within a few minutes we'd realized just how close we were to one another. We both knew of this whole in wall bar and decided to meet up for a drink. What I didn't realize was the kind of night I was in for!

As soon as I got there, Patty was ready to go. I wanted to play a game of pool and get to know her a little bit but her first question was how big my junk was. She didn't come for drinks or pool, she wanted to get out of there and I gladly obliged.

When we got back to my place, she asked how long I could last. I told her about 10 minutes... the first time. She laughed and asked where the bedroom was. She said "let's go, big boy" and we spent the whole night in that bedroom. Just me, her booty, a few drinks, and some handcuffs she had brought. It got intense quickly and gave me a good feeling about as a site in general. I've been busy reviewing other sites since, but so far I see why they received their Milf awards in 2016 and 2017.

Overall Rating

I give Milfplay a 8.9/10 and fully support their award for Top Milf Site 2017.