Top Sexting Sites - Snapsext Review

Snapsext Review

In case you’ve never received a sexy “snap” before, there’s a feeling you get that’s different than seeing a girl do the same thing on a webcam. Our minds are wired to find flaws and video (and audio) offer too many opportunities for us to find flaws. This is what makes sexting so thrilling. You get all of the same cues without the flaws. Pictures are taken at best angles, messages are saucy but just ambiguous enough to keep you guessing at times. I don’t know if there have been any studies, but I’d bet that you activate different parts of your brain during a sexting conversation than a sexy phone or webcam conversation.

My Original Experience With Snapsext

So in the spring of last year I heard about this new site that used the snap platform for sexting. I thought it was a great idea, but was admittedly worried that Snapsext was going to be too good to be true. In fact, I was a little disappointed when I originally signed up. There weren’t very many active girls around me. I wrote a review soon after expressing my disappointment and cancelled my membership. Just over a year later I tried again and now I’m a believer.

Second Time’s The Charm

It hard for any social networking site to get up and running because women simply haven’t been interested in joining more sites that help them find hookups. In general, women don’t have a hard time finding guys to hookup with and simply don’t need to go online and create profiles to get laid. This has been a running theory of mine for years and I thought there was no way any new “hookup site” was going to be able to bust through this barrier. Snapsext did just that.

The genius part of the site is that it found a way to attract women. How? By creating something fun for them to do. The problem with adult or casual dating sites is that they are typically all the same thing with slightly different colors. All of them have chat, video, and messaging but no one was using snaps with captions until fairly recently.

Why Do Women Like Snapsext So Much?

I think one reason is because it offers them a way to communicate sexually with guys in a discreet way with a format they’re now familiar with. The other big reason is that this format of combining a picture with a caption allows them to have more control and present less flaws.

Recently I was chatting with a girl I met on the site about what she liked so much and she said it allowed her to both be herself and be flirty while feeling very safe. She liked that there wasn’t the pretense of meeting up the same night for sex and working towards that goal. The atmosphere is much more casual and somewhat ironically, she said she’s ended up hooking up with more dudes from Snapsext because of it.

My Experience

I mentioned my first experience earlier and it in deed was a dud. My second experience on the site, however was amazing. At this point, word had gotten around and there were a lot of local women using the service. I filled out my brief profile and started messaging around with some girls until I started getting some messages back. One message was from this girl Julie who was a young housewife just looking to have some fun. It started off totally innocent until she started sending me pics with captions.

Things escalated quickly and I learned something. This site truly bridges the gap for men and women looking for something casual. It allows for anonymity and security for women while giving them a place to have fun. It gives guys a chance to meet real women and forces us to still go through a brief courting process which is actually better for everyone in the long run. If I would have met Julie on a standard hookup site, I don’t know if I would have a chance. The messaging back and forth without any assumptions of sex are precisely what made her want to meet up for sex.

So after a full week of back and forth pics that started with cute flirting, the sexual tension was maxed out. We both knew we just had to meet and the meeting did not disappoint. We met at starbucks for coffee and the tension was even stronger in person. After about five minutes of pleasantries, I simply asked if she wanted to go back to my place.

Overall Rating

I give Snapsext a 9.8/10 which is the highest we’ve ever rated a site. I think you’ll find it to be equally exciting. As long as you don’t push too hard to meet up and focus on the sexting itself, you’ll find that she’ll be the one asking you to meet up!